New Polaris 3 from Barum

Hanover, August 2011

Winter tyres for passenger vehicles and SUVs with savings potential

With the new Polaris 3, the Barum engineers have again exceeded the already good performance of the predecessor model. The new, safe, all-round winter tyre offers five percent higher mileage and five percent lower rolling resistance.

For over 40 years the company name Barum has stood for safe and economical tyres. With its winter tyres, Barum traditionally focuses on all-round solutions.

Reduced rolling resistance lowers fuel consumption

Lower rolling resistance lowers the thirst for fuel and reduces the impact on the environment. To achieve this, the engineers have put an additional groove into the shoulder block of the new Polaris 3 tyre. "Strain on the tread is reduced with this groove.  With that the rolling resistance is reduced, and fuel consumption lowered; this helps the environment," Mareile Noga, tyre developer at Barum, points out the economic benefits of the new Polaris 3.

Lower abrasion guarantees higher mileage

The individual blocks are very stable due to the different depths of the sipes which are positioned diagonally to the block edges. The uniform distribution of rigidity within the block elements ensures that the Polaris 3 has low abrasion and thus offers economically high mileage.

Improved wet handling

The shoulder blocks of the Polaris 3 are considerably wider than those of the predecessor model and keep the tyres stable on wet roads while driving. Additionally the longitudinal groove embedded in the shoulder block functions in a similar way as a windshield wiper. "The film of water on the road is channeled into the groove and then diverted away to the side with the continuing rolling motion of the tyre. This way the tyre pushes less water in front of itself and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced," explained Mareile Noga. "With the full silica mixture of the tread we were able to achieve additional grip on wet streets, without having to accept losses in rolling resistance."

Good grip on snow guarantees optimal starting and braking on snow

Along the blocks of longitudinal grooves in the tread, Barum engineers inserted so-called 'snow catchers'. These small angles on the edges of the blocks prevent snow from sliding through the longitudinal grooves during driving. This is important on snowy roads, because snow that gets stuck in the longitudinal grooves functions like an adhesive connecting the tyre with the snow on the road. In this way the power necessary on typical winter streets for braking and starting can be transferred better.

With the new Polaris 3, Barum is offering a high performance and durable winter tyre to drivers who are interested in an economic choice in tyres as well as safe driving characteristics. ´The new winter tyres for passenger vehicles and SUVs will be offered at the same price level as the tried and tested predecessor model. Tyres in sizes for SUVs will be additionally identified with the characters "4x4" on the sidewalls.

Altogether 72 different sizes are to be manufactured for rims between 13 and 17 inches. The tyre is approved for speeds between 190 and 240 km/h.

Range of sizes:

80 series70 series                65 series         60 series55 series 50 series
135/80 R 13 T 145/70 R 13 T155/65 R 13 T  185/60 R 14 T185/55 R 14 T195/50 R 15 T
145/80 R 13 T 155/70 R 13 T 175/65 R 13 T     185/60 R 15 T185/55 R 15 T 195/50 R 15 H
155/80 R 13 T165/70 R 13 T155/65 R 14 T185/60 R 15 T XL195/55 R 15 H 205/50 R 16 H
165/80 R 13 T 165/70 R 13 T XL165/65 R 14 T   195/60 R 15 T195/55 R 16 H205/50 R 17 H XL
165/80 R 14 T 175/70 R 13 T175/65 R 14 T195/60 R 15 H205/55 R 16 T  225/50 R 17 H XL
175/80 R 14 T165/70 R 14 T175/65 R 14 T XL 205/60 R 15 T205/55 R 16 H

175/70 R 14 T175/65 R 15 T 205/60R 15 H 205/55 R 16 H XL

185/70 R 14 T185/65 R 14 T 205/60 R 16 H205/55 R 16 V XL

185/65 R 15 T  205/60 R 16 H XL 215/55 R 16 H

195/65 R 14 T 215/60 R 16 H XL215/55 R 16 H XL

195/65 R 15 T 235/60 R 16 H225/55 R 16 H

195/65 R 15 T XL 

195/65 R 15 H

205/65 R 15 T   

205/65 R 15 H

215/65 R 15 H

215/65 R 16 H

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